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A new WSO product was just launched called Buyers List Ninja. I just picked up my copy and now I want to give you my personal review and let you know what I think about this new list building product. As always if you want to watch on my review, just click on the video below.

The sales Page:

I enjoyed the sales page, very clean and to the point without an in your face in you need to buy this product to succeed online. I hate pushy sales pages. The video at the top of the sales page covers everything you will learn inside Buyers List Ninja and then has some testimonial proof on what other marketers thought about it.


My Final Thoughts

Buyers Ninja List was created by a warrior forum war room member, Art Flair. Through the first couple of chapters Art talks about his struggles with email marketing and just like myself was lied to when it comes to email marketing. Art talks about how he learned the money was in the list and one email lead equals one dollar per lead, sound familiar right?

Now after talking about what he did wrong with online marketing, Art reveals how he built a massive buyers list that started making him money 24/7 on auto-pilot. Buyers List Ninja covers some of the very top ways Art has been using to build a responsive list.

As a full time online marketer I was able to relate with Art and I enjoyed reading his short report. I recommend Buyers List Ninja to anyone who is struggling with making money with email marketing.

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