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If you have been on in the marketing world for a short period of time, I’m sure you have heard the phrase, a freebie list vs a buyers list. This is an analogy used to differentiate the people who buy online products product and those that don’t. So when it comes to making a full time living online, creating a buyers list will help you achieve your goals.

So when I came across a new marketing product by my good friend Huw Hughes; Buyers Do Grow on Tree’s, I was extremely interested to see what he was teaching inside his new course. If we know that buyers is what can grow our online business, its a great idea to make sure and learn where these buyers actually hangout so we can add them to our own email marketing campaign.

I was lucky enough to set up an interview with Huw and he even agreed to come on Sunday Night Marketing Chat and talk about email marketing as well as his new product; Buyers Do Grow on Tree’s. Below is our interview filled with great content.

Buyers Do Grow on Tree’s Review

Now before we even did our Live chat, I already received a copy of Buyers Do Grow on Tree’s so I was able to give it my complete review before we even had our chat on Sunday. So what did I think of Buyers Do Grow On Tree’s?

Well first I really liked how Huw comes across on his sales page. He makes no promises that this is somehow a magic pill which is going to make you money overnight but rather explains how you can grow your online business with the right type of leads hence the buyers leads.

Now the product is around 20 pages complete with ways to start building a buyers list by showing people that you can be trusted and you are willing to help them succeed online. I really enjoyed reading what Huw had wrote because it seems a forgotten art that hopefully will make a strong comeback, build your list, get them to trust you, and watch your business grow.

Now as a full time marketer, I have to admit I already know most of the information Huw teaches inside Buyers Do Grow On Tree’s but I was pleasantly surprised by his upsell which he teaches his techniques through video. As you know I have I’m a huge fan of video and it always easier to learn while going through a case study.

I would recommend Buyers Do Grow On Tree’s to anyone that has been looking to get better leads into their email list. You will notice a difference in the amount of money you will make with a buyers list.

Great Job Huw!

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