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An Inside Look at John Thornhill’s PlanetSMS Mentorship Monthly Reviewed

John Thornhill from Planet SMS Mentorship Monthly Says “The Break Through you’ve been waiting to catapult you and you’re business to the next level.” John Thornhill is an ebay power, Internet marketer, and ebay author. I first heard of John about a year ago when I purchased his ninty day powerseller challenge. Not only did…

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Triple Your eBay Auction Traffic With eBay To Go!

 eBay To Go is a going to change the way we look at ebay in the social network. eBay To Go is a free widget or pieace of code that allows anyone (even non-registered users) to showcase one to ten favorite ebay items on thier blog or favorite social networking sites. eBay To Go allows you…

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eBay Has 25c Fixed Price Listing July 16-29 2008. Start Selling Now.

As ebay has done every summer, they are saving some money for the ebay sellers. From July 16 through the 29th 2008. eBay is having a all fixed price items listed for only 25c.  This is a perfect time to look around the house and start selling. eBay allows for almost anything to be sold…

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If I Can Make Money With Auction Classified Cash, So Can You!

Back in April 2007. eBay changed there policy on digital goods. Sellers where no longer allowed to sell digital products on ebay. They where allowed to sell them using ebay classified section. Now being succesful on ebay, I knew that this was going to change the way I sold on ebay. I never used the…

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