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eBay Traffic reports have been going down hill for the last six months or so. Many eBay sellers have felt the effects of sales dropping while fee’s raising. After selling on eBay as a PowerSeller for the last five years, I have created en eBay traffic generation guide that will help all eBay sellers. Auction Traffic Formula is now Live!

Everyone has seen a decrease in eBay’s natural traffic which is now at an all time low according to research centers around the states. Maybe its because of the recession we are heading into or could it be that eBay has finally gone mad with all the rule changes. what ever it is, eBay is still the best online auction site to quickly and easily make some money.

What is eBay’s Natural Traffic?

After you list an auction on eBay, depending on how many days you pick, your auction will start seeing more views when it gets closer to the end. This is what I like to call eBay’s natural traffic. Now the problem lies with the millions of auctions ending at the same time. lets say your new to eBay while I have been selling for over five years. Do you really have a chance to get a higher bid then me? Well, a new eBay seller vs a PowerSeller is going to look very ugly for the new guy.

This is where I got the idea to create an ebook covering every way I drive traffic to my eBay store. Auction Traffic Formula will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do to increase your auction traffic.

Auction Traffic = More Visitors = More Sales.

Its really that simple, you get more people to view your auction, you give that auction a lot better chance to get more bids. Now if you are just going to let eBay’s natural traffic take over, I guarantee you will lost to those PowerSellers selling the same thing.

After giving out fifteen review copies, check out the testimonial I got back from some of the biggest Internet marketers online today.

The last thing I want to point out is that I really sell on eBay. Check out my eBay store digitaldirect4u and you will see that I actually know what I’m talking about. Auction Traffic Formula is not written by a ghost writer that has never even logged into eBay. I have been selling for around eight years and every year, I’m always looking for ways to increase my traffic.

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