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Back in April 2007. eBay changed there policy on digital goods. Sellers where no longer allowed to sell digital products on ebay. They where allowed to sell them using ebay classified section. Now being succesful on ebay, I knew that this was going to change the way I sold on ebay. I never used the classified section before but heard of others makeing huge affiliate sales, website traffic, and increasing thier mailing list. I started to research ebay classifieds…

That is how I found Auction Classified Cash. I have read so many sales page that after a while, they all seem the same “we will show you how to make money guaranteed”. From the start, I could tell that this ebook was going to be different. The sales page has a friendly outlook to it and really set it off when I got a free chapter of the ebook. (click here for the free chapter)

Once reading Auction Classified Cash, I was amazed that it showed step by step how to create a perfect ebay classified ad listing. I knew right away I could build a huge mailing list and make some really good money with affiliate marketing.

I loved the fact that Auction Classified Cash is written in a down to earth, easy to read format. It took me through everystep from how to list a classified add to what to write, and there is even a section that will show you how to find the right products to promote and more. I couldn’t believe that it even revealed a classified add that made more than $200.

By the end of Auction Classified Cash, I was confident that the secrets inside would help me blow away my competition and bring in huge sales with affiliate marketing.

When I thought it couldn’t get better, the writer (Tracy Edwards) emails me a new version with the updated ebay changes. Then she goes on to state that every customer will have free updates for life…WOW! Now that’s customer service!

I strongly recommend you check out Auction Classified Cash and Join me in making money on ebay.

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