Are You Sick of it?


Are you sick of opening up your in-box everyday to only find the latest and greatest ways to make what they claim is easy profit riches? Are you sick of getting messages from Internet Marketers promising you how you are going to make thousands each month with just a push of a button? Are you sick of so called software that outsmarts face-book or software that supposedly can do a better job then Google? you know the get ranked number one on Google in less than thirty minutes by outsmarting the giant themselves…

To begin with if you don’t mind receiving these ridicules over hyped marketing emails, then please DO NOT read the rest of this post, yes I understand I just might lose some of my subscribers by being straight up with them and really letting them know the fastest way to fail is to fall for one of those over-hyped marketing scams but I stand for what I believe in and will not let my readers fall victim to those lies.

Are you still with me? well congratulations as you are really someone who is sick and tired of it. So I’m gonna be straight up with you, In all the years I have been working online, I have yet to come across a program that exists which allows you to make EASY autopilot income while sitting on your sofa watching ESPN, this so called push button income is either a well kept secret or just complete pile of crap.

The main reason for this post is simply 2010 is almost over with and with just a few days to go, we will head into a new year. Now 2010 was the year of over-hyped product launching every other month by the same people. These programs that launched where not only a complete waste of time trying to beat the system but it was easy to see that these products where designed to make money from hard working people chasing the get rich quick scheme. So how do I know about these over-hyped waste of time programs? I joined them.

yep that’s right I purchased them but not to get caught up in the hype but to simply review the product and customer service to see if it was even worth promoting to my list. The one thing I found out was these marketers did not care about their customers nor did their product really work without buying the three to five up sales which in the end made them a lot of money while leaving me wondering when will they actually refund my money. I hope you can see why I did not take part in many of the over-hyped launch promotion.

Now I have a feeling 2011 is going to be much different for many hard working people that truly want to succeed online. I know many of these people are getting sick and tired of the same marketers creating these push button auto pilot income system that just don’t work. Now there is such a thing as auto-pilot income but the difference is you have to work hard in order to get your business where you want it. There is no easy button, you have to work for it if you really want it.

I plan on educating as many people as I can and teach them what it takes to become a success in 2011.  I have a few small plans and some big plans for 2011 and I know that many people will enjoy learning how to succeed online.  In fact be on the look out for my next blog post which will cover how to set up a plan that will help you reach your goals in the new year.

In the meantime may I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of  my blog readers a Happy and prosperous New Year.

So how was 2010 for you and what are your plans for 2011, feel free to comment?

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