Aggressive Marketing Vs Assertive Marketing


This last weekend my wife, kids, and myself went to a couple different car dealerships to buy a new SUV. My family will be adding a new member to the family (its a girl) in less than a month and I knew it was time to upgrade from our Chrysler Pacifica to something a little bigger in size.  Now the car we decided to go with was a dodge Durango limited edition. We had been spending most of the week looking through the Internet ads to find the SUV we wanted.

Now when dealing with car salesmen and companies I really like to watch how they do things as they are really marketers in a different type of niche, the car business. I pay close attention to the strategists they use to make a sale and of course watch to see if they are really telling the truth or just trying to take every penny from the customers. Below is two examples of different ways to market and although both ways will work, it will be up to you to decide which way you want to be known for.

Aggressive Marketing

On Friday, I found a nice red Dodge Durango at suburban auto group in Sandy. I called talked to a sales person and explained to her that I did not want to waste her time or mine. I told her what I was looking for and informed her that I would be willing to drive the 85 miles to get a good deal. As expected she said that she promised a good deal but would not be able to finish it up unless I was able to come down. On Saturday morning, my family headed down to the dealership.

When we got there, they had the Red Durango parked and ready for us. The sales lady gave us a friendly welcome and then told us to take it for a test drive. We jumped in and off we went through Sandy with a great looking SUV. Throughout the drive, my wife and I talked about what type of deal we would be willing to say yes to as the sales lady was yet to mention any details of the deal. We drove back and was once again greeted by the sales lady.

Once parked and standing by our Chrysler Pacifica, The sales lady began to explain to me that my trade-in had no value and they would not be able to give much for it. We went and sat in her office and she took out a piece of paper that had three different types of loans and conditions we could get into. I could not believe it, the price, trade-in value, and interest rate was outrages to say the least. As my wife and I had already made up our mind what we would accept, I politely told the sales lady no Thanks.

Now this is where the aggressive marketing started, friendly at first and then she said “you tell me what would work for you, what would have you driving this car away today”. I told her about everything I didn’t like and then explained what I would agree with. She hurried out of the room to talk to the big manager. A few minutes later she returned with a different deal just about as bad as the first with really nothing that I wanted and told me that this was a great deal. Although I really never liked the deal, I told the sales lady that my wife and I would discuss it over lunch at the olive garden. The sales lady insisted that we take the Durango. My wife and I stepped outside and talked about the deal, we came to the conclusion that suburban auto group was just screwing us around and it would be best to take our business else where.  I walked back inside and explained to the sales lady that we had a change of heart and I wanted to get my keys back. She stopped and asked why? I told her I wanted the keys back to my car so I could leave. She said ok and then had me follow her into the managers office where my keys where at.

So now not only was the sales lady aggressively trying to sell me the Dodge but I also got this manager giving me his big speech he must use on everybody, you know the what if I could get your payments to a super low payment and give you this crazy deal…inside my head, I thought to myself, if you would start with a great deal to begin with and not screw people around, you would have my business but not anymore! So after another ten minutes of trying to convince me that this was the greatest place with simply the best deals, I was able to get my keys and my family was able to leave for a great lunch at the olive garden.

Assertive Marketing

Now before I start, I would like for everyone to know that the definition of assertive is to be straightforward, open and honest. So after lunch, we headed back to The Dalles where we had set up an appointment with churnessmotors. I had talked with a sales rep earlier in the week and my family had looked at a Durango they already had. we finally made it back to town and parked at churnessmotors.

I walked in and was greeted by Mike. We shook hands and I told him that we where hear to buy the Durango. My wife and I sat in his office while the kids played out in the lobby. As Mike was doing the paper work, I noticed that they had a few people looking at cars but all the sales men where standing inside the building, no one was rushing out to annoy the people viewing the cars. Mike walked in and out of his office stating that he was just waiting to hear back from the bank. Although I had only heard about churnnessmotors customer service through a friend, I was starting to see that it was really a no pressure, sit back and relax kind of place.

In fact the next time Mike would talk to my wife and I was when he told me that the paper was ready. So the moment of truth, there was no B.S. no trying to get an extra dollar out of me, just the straight truth. I couldn’t believe it! Mike told us, what the trade in value would be, what the interest would be, and then what the payment would be. The best part of it all, it was everything we where looking for and more in a great deal. I couldn’t believe it, we walked in, didn’t get screwed around, and walked out with the perfect family car for our growing family.

I would like to personally thank you Mike for making this buying experience as easy as possible. Thank you for being honest and straightforward while so many other car dealerships are out to screw people over. I recommend anyone that is looking for a new car to check out

Alright guys now that you have read the two different types of marketers, I’m sure you can relate to others marketers you have dealt with, there are way to many people that put to much pressure on people that want to make money online or just trying to figure it all out.

I personally like to be more like Mike, be that guy that people can turn to when they are looking for the honest truth, show people how to make money and be straight forward about the commitment it takes to make money online.

So to finish this very long post off, if you where able to get to the bottom…:) Leave a comment and let me know what you want to learn about, let me know where you feel your failing online, or where you feel you need help with your online business.

I will give you my advice and help you succeed online.

To YOUR Success,

Edson Buchanan

P.S. after a few comments wanting to see a picture of the new SUV, here you go guys

2008 Dodge Durango Limited Edition ” The Kids Love It”

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