10 More Most Popular Places To Sell Digital Media Online


Inside my Free Training How To Make One Hundred Dollars Per Day online I revealed to you what I thought was the top five places to sell digital media online. Now I’m sure just with just those five sites, you have a very good chance to start building your online empire from the ground up. Remember nothing can be accomplished without Taking Action. Make sure and focus on your goal and work towards what you want.

Here is a list of 10 More Most popular places to sell digital media online. All you have to do is follow the steps I have outlined inside my Free Training How To Make One Hundred Dollars per Day Online and use these 15 more most popular places to sell digital media online.

Have a look at the 10 more most popular online services to sell digital goods below. Choose the one that meets your requirements, hit the global market, and gain worldwide recognition.

Top 10 More Popular Online Services for Selling Digital Goods Online

1.  Pulley

Pulley is a simple and affordable service that sells any kind of downloadable content like eBooks, music, video, photos, fonts, software, etc. Unlike other online stores available on the market, it won’t charge you any additional commission or transaction fees. You may feel safe for all uploaded files since they will be stored on a secure cloud and your customers will get their purchases right after paying for them. Choosing this service you’ll be able to upload any downloadable data, place the Buy Now button wherever you wish, and get the money sent to your personal PayPal account.

Fees: you may first test a free 14-day trial and then opt for $6 per month – $49 per month plans depending on the number of goods you’d like to sell.

2.  Sellfy

Sellfy allows to distribute your digital content to the target audience in just a few easy steps – uploading photo, video, music, eBooks, etc., setting up price, adding some product description, and you can start selling either via such social network as Facebook or Twitter or on a website of your own. The online digital selling service claims to do all the rest boring job for you, like taking care of the file storage, payment processing, and the delivery of goods to your customers.

Fees: no monthly fee, only 5% commission per sale.

3. Clickbank

Clickbank is known as one of the most popular services selling digital goods online since they host a great number of affiliates whose job is promoting your products and making people buy them. This is the best choice for beginners who have crafted some cool products but are limited in budget for promoting them.

Fees: $49.95 one-time product activation fee

4. PayLoadz

PayLoadz is a secure digital goods eCommerce service that claims to enable tens of thousands people to sell downloadable content like eBooks, software, music and video files to a large audience of online buyers. The system can work either on your own website, or social media, blogs, and more. You’ll be provided with simple purchase links as well as HTML codes to insert Buy Now buttons or shopping cart enabled buttons that are supported on any portable and desktop device. File security is their highest priority – the data is stored on the ultra-secure Amazon S3 platform.  The service will come in handy to both beginners and pros.

Fees: you may test a 7-day trial first; $14.95/month + 5% per transaction

5. Simple Goods

This is one of those few digital online selling services that accept credit card payments directly, with low fees. Apart from that, the service boasts responsive design (meaning that your customers will be able to shop goods from any handheld device with ease), in-depth analytics and insights, MailChimp integration, and the ability to embed a checkout button into your website. Feel free to upload as much digital data as you wish thanks to the unlimited storage capacity and bandwidth.

Fees: no monthly fees; 2.9% + $0.45 commission per sale

6. E-Junkie

This is a reliable online service for selling digital goods. Alongside with selling downloadable content, they can also market physical goods but since these are not so popular nowadays, people are mostly using E-Junkie as a secure digital good selling service. You may either host your digital files yourself and E-Junkie will protect your goods and provide customers with secure downloads or let them do everything for you – from hosting to selling data. In addition, the service boasts a number of outstanding features that make user experience even more enjoyable, like autoresponders, discount codes, etc.

Fees: the monthly fee starts from $5, depending on the number of goods sold. Non-profit organizations may expect t receive good discounts.

7. DPD

Digital Product Delivery online selling service claim they provide the easiest, faster and most secure way of marketing your digital content. The service comes integrated with a number of the leading payment getaway like PayPal, Clickbak, Authorize.net, 2checkout, payza, and more. They will help you promote and sell your goods with ease thanks to an affiliate program and discount codes.

Fees: start from $10/month per 1 GB and 20 goods (pricing depends on the amount of goods you’ll upload and their storage)

8. BlueSnap

This is one of the most powerful services around the Web coming with a bundle of offers for both sellers and affiliates. They feature the largest set of payment methods in the industry, offer you to keep track of your sales 24/7 with an unlimited number of custom report options, secure your data with various licensing and pirate protection options. You’ll be provided with everything needed to build your own affiliates network at no cost.

Fees: depend on transaction amount range, start at 75 cents.

9. Fetch

This is yet another online digital delivery app that simplifies selling and marketing your downloadable data on the Web. Thanks to the integrated Amazon S3, you may feel safe for the storing and delivery of your goods. You’ll receive payments via PayPal, Goodsie, Shopify, it’s very easy in use – the system will automatically send emails with secure download links once an order is received.

Fees: start from $5 per month, depending on the storage size. In case the storage is limited to 1MB, you may also try a free plan.

10. Sendowl

This service is perfect for selling any kind of digital data, though it will be of special use to those of you who are looking for the best solution to market PDFs, eBooks and software. For instance, the PDF-protection feature will mark each download with the customer’s name and email, which allows this person to inform others of the product updates as well as let them download updates for free.

Fees:  no commission, $9 – $39 per month


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